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When no treatment is available, participating in a clinical trial may be an option to consider.

REGENERATE NASH fibrosis study patient and participant REGENERATE NASH fibrosis study patient and participant

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are research studies that investigate whether a medication is safe and effective. They are essential research tools for advancing medical knowledge and patient care.

Why join a clinical trial?

Participating in a clinical trial can have benefits. You may receive a medical treatment that is not available elsewhere. You could advance understanding of a disease and better the lives of others like you. Study-related medication and care is administered free of charge.

Clinical trials can also have risks. The investigational medication may not help you or it could have side effects. It’s possible you may receive a placebo instead of the study medication. A placebo is a pill or substance with no active ingredients, and is not expected to have any real medical effect.

You should speak to your doctor to learn about the risks and benefits of a clinical trial before making the decision to participate.

What are the phases of clinical trials?

Clinical trial phase: Pre-Clinical

Drug compound
is first discovered and tested

Clinical trial phase: Phase I
Phase I:

Research begins
in healthy humans

Clinical trial phase: Phase II
Phase II:

Studies involve patients with
the condition

Clinical trial phase: Phase III
Phase III:

of how well the medication works in treating patients

Clinical trial phase: Phase IV
Phase IV:

Medication is approved for patient use and research continues

How do clinical trials work?

Every clinical trial has guidelines on who is eligible to participate, and a clear goal and structure. Investigational medications are often evaluated for safety and effectiveness against a placebo (a pill that has no medical effect) or a different medication. The length of a trial and the way testing is done is different for every trial.

How do clinical trials work? How do clinical trials work?

Patients taking placebo

Study doctor

Patients taking study drug

How do I find a clinical trial?

A conversation with your doctor is a good start.

See if you have any of
the risk factors associated with NASH.

Are you at risk?

Learn about the REGENERATE study.


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